“Change before you have to.” – Jack Welch

We all witnessed the dramatic change in all facets of business and our daily lives how the pandemic forced changed.

It was a life experience to witness a global shift in business mentality to “change or die”. This simple, yet powerful and straightforward quote emphasizes the importance of adaptation and transformation.

You must be willing to embrace change or face the risk of becoming obsolete or opening the door to a future you do not desire. While I couldn’t attribute this specific quote to a single source, it’s a phrase that has been used in various contexts to highlight the critical nature of adapting to new circumstances in order to thrive and survive.

So now think of every single business out there that’s cranking up their digital game. Consider the world you once knew, now being upgraded. And let’s not kid ourselves – we’ve all got that gut feeling that this shift is here for the long haul, well beyond just remote work, online classes, or virtual meetings.

Digital transformation varies in meaning across different businesses, yet the universal truth remains: each entity accelerates its distinct digital metamorphosis. Some will focus on supply chain, while others on digitalizing operations like automation and robotics, while others will focus on sales and modern marketing areas as data and analytics, technology and people.

Our familiar world has undergone an official alteration, and we possess an innate understanding that its effects will endure extensively. The scope goes well beyond simply working remote or Zoom calls. It transcends immediate perceptions when you embrace what’s possible and unleash people who are passionate to solve real world problems with innovative solutions.

Amidst our current landscape, digital transformation emerges as a paramount focus and priority for almost any businesses. Simply look at Canada’s response with Justin Trudeau rolling out the $4B Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) to help small businesses and SME’s evolve their business in the digital landscape. And in his own words, “the pace of change has reached unprecedented levels, and this tempo will never sink to such depths again.”

Broadly speaking, its not difficult to see that a collective push exists to accelerate substantial business change and lay the groundwork for business resilience…and for many, survival.

So, what implications does this hold for your business?

The topics we touch upon in this post extend far beyond this simple intro. I extend an invitation for you to join me through this 6-part series; which I’ve intentionally kept snackable and digestible for our attention spans.

I am Michael (MJ) Allen, entrusted with transformational leadership having helped startup and small businesses to globally recognized brands as Western Union, Bodog, Finning, Caterpillar and more.

My personal journey through digital transformation was ignited over 20 years ago when the internet was deemed a ‘fad’ and only the business owner had the elite privilege to have the only email account, while the rest of us were fax machine experts and the level of importance was deemed how often your pager or beeper would buzz.

I eagerly anticipate the revelation of what lies ahead in these 6 post, and I hope your anticipation matches mine. Let’s begin…

6-part short-form series…

  1. Creating a Business that Can Weather Any Storm
  2. Ignite Enterprise Innovation for Growth
  3. Shifting Focus: From Business to Consumer
  4. KYC – Know Your Customer: A Deep Dive
  5. Data as Currency: Commercialize Your Data & Cultivating a Data-Driven Culture
  6. Future-Ready Workforce: Reshaping and Thriving