Internet Marketing Blog – Launch Time!

It was a matter of time before we got this blog started. “Why though – blogs are for daily personal journals, not for corporate or company use”. True, blogs do make good use for personal journals, but they can also function as part of your overal web marketing strategy (Internet marketing company), as they have numerous benefits to help leverage the web with your website visitors. Though I’ll get into posts later about the advantages of using blogs as part of your web marketing mix.
Firstly, welcome to MJA Impressions Internet Marketing Blog, where you’ll find comments on the latest Internet Marketing Strategies being used today by industry, and from our experience. I’ll be covering topics that fit the whole basket of your online marketing mix, from email marketing, search marketing, viral / buzz marketing, SEO, unique creative online tactics, social networks, website design and development, online advertising and more. While I’ll focus on the core channels, I’ll also provide insight into tactics that work within each. For example, how to build your email reputation with major ISP’s as Google, Yahoo, MSN, AOL, how blogs can help your search marketing strategy, how to tap into your visitors social network and entice a buzz with them, and much more.

But first and foremost before I get started in our discussions….welcome to MJA Impressions Internet Marketing Blog. Stay tuned as we’ll aim to update you a few times every month.

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