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What does UX (user experience) have to do with website design? Everything.

The foundation of any good product design (think Apple products like iPhone or a Mac), is a customer-centric understanding to how the product should look, feel and work. Good UX is rooted by psychology, and this is the mindset any good website designer should consider when designing a new website.

Web designers and UX specialists work together to qualify the use-cases and psychology how users or customers should experience and navigate through a clients website to achieve the purpose and goals that it was built for. Users now multiple points of access to engage and experience a website, that UX impacts can differ in how a user will engage with a brand online.  Read more

User experience (UX) in almost any industry website is primarily about enhancing the user (prospect, lead or customers) journey and experience, through to your ideal goal.

Whether that be enhancing engagement, purchase, clicks, content consumption, etc., in the end any UX web designers goal is to reduce the friction to enhance the users experience. Read more