Over the last 2 years I’ve seen a significant increase of clients who are business owners or marketing managers turning to the web to gain attain online market share and an overall online presence in an attempt to remain competitive and tap into the vast opportunities the web has to offer their business.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a fundamental for those who strive execute a successfull online marketing strategy. And while many of these people are split between learning the trade themselves, soon realize the need to outsource the skillset for their business. It just makes sense with the time, resources and knowledge involved in a solid search marketing micro and macro strategy (organic and paid).

However, those business owners who are new to the game, tend to face five issues. While these are not conclusive, they do shed some of the more common problems I see with clients and marketing managers today. Read more

I am sure that it’s useful information for newcomers. I have no doubt that Read more

What’s the most important tactic or component of SEO? When embarking on a SEO strategy, many professional SEO consultants will have various answers. Some wil say link referral tests, other will say keyword analysis, and yet others may say content audits.

While SEO is a critical component of dressing up your website to attract the personal appeal of each engine – kinda of like the dating game, one of the first areas SEO strategist should define prior to advising clients on strategies are the fundamental building blocks of search engine optimization, and more broadly, the search marketing plan.  Read more