Tips: Web Design, Conversion Optimizer & Visitors Browser

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Quick valuable tip for UX (user experience) design, web designers and digital marketers focused on conversion optimization. While your web designer may overwhelm you with their reasoning behind your websites new design layout, are they taking into account the objectives you articulated from the get-go of the project?

Quickly check if your web design layout is created around UX and conversion optimization. A simple tool from Google Labs, its a valuable little tool for those who can’t afford focus groups and heat mapping ;-). See how your visitors and potential customers view your website, the call-to-actions and primary sales funnels you aim to send them through. See Google Lab’s Browser Sizes. Add in your website URL, click ‘Go’ and see the ahhh-haaa’s.

Keep in mind you should also correlate this to your Web Analytics data to determine the high volume browser window settings visitors are using when they land on your website.

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