Yahoo has recently launched a new tool called Yahoo Clues. It is basically a keyword tool designed to give an insight into the demographics of people searching for the keyword along with the popularity of keyword over a period of time and additional keyword suggestions.

Yahoo CluesYahoo Clues shows the graphical representation of change in keyword popularity over the last one month without giving any exact numbers. Its main use lies in the predicting searches by gender and age, income level and geographical location. The Search Flow at the bottom of the page can also prove to be useful in determining user’s search pattern. It basically shows you most probable previous and next user searches for a given keyword. You can enter two keywords to compare them.

A quick Search Marketing tip to drop your way on the subject of Google Local search results.

Google has launched yet another new advertising format for local business owners known as Google Boost. This new PPC ad format will be available for advertisers in Google Places (Local) account and Ads will be appear in sponsored results in Google search results and Google Maps.

Advertisers only need to add business name, a small description, relevant categories and monthly budget. The relevant keywords for which the ads appear will be automatically selected by the system.

A minimum budget of $50/month is required to run the ads and as per Google, no ongoing campaign maintenance is required after initial setup.

Unfortunately as all things Google are constantly in beta or being innovated, Google Boost is only available in some selected locations in the United States. It will be released to wider audience soon.

Google launched Google Instant Search interface on the 8th of September 2010, which shows search results as you type, in real time.

Many search engine marketers (SEM), including your house-hold searchers, have reacted sharply to the new Google Instant interface. Google Instant is being sold as a faster and better User Interface, and the feedback leans in the other direction of the new interface as distracting, confusing and even annoying.

Matt Cutts from Google says that the change is more about rolling out a new User Interface (UI) rather than an algorithmic change. Matt attempted to allay the fears of the SEM industry by suggesting “SEO is not dead” but may change due to instant search query feedback to users, which in turn, may change their search behaviour. He believes that the searchers will diversify their queries within the scope of the original intent. Read more

google local listings for vancouver internet marketingYou’re finally on board with some of the changes and new features Google’s rolled out over the last few years, along with watching the suitors as Yahoo and Bing (MSN) follow suit. You’ve come to grips that if you plan to succeed in your online business, you cannot let your online marketing sit idle. Investment into your online strategy is a necessity as the digital marketing landscape has evolved over time; Search, Email, Social Media have all drastically evolved the last couple years.

Searches evolution provides a significant source for lead generation and new sales for businesses on the web. And this evolution didn’t stop simply with organic / natural search rankings.

Google Local, launched in 2004, is one of the latest advancements by Google to undergo an evolution and compliment the various channels within Search that a visitor will use to find your business on the web. Its finally recognized in the arsenal of tactics with Search strategist to leverage in natural / organic search to accomplish top search rankings, and increased Search market share. One will hedge their bets a major shift in Google Local we’ll soon see is the evolution of Google Maps and Google Maps Street View. Read more

2009 search engine marketing2008 is coming to a close, and you may have embarked on your first, well-overdue, search engine optimization (SEO) project for your business. Many steps were likely taken in your SEO project through the discovery phase of assessing how friendly your website architecture is for search, keyword discovery around your industry/market/brand/product/competitors, research where your visitors hang out online, the physical optimization and improvements to your site, etc. Now that your website is SEO’d for Google and others, what’s next? Read more

Joe the PlumberAre you a “Joe the Plumber”, or a new or small business owner needing to get Google to drive new business? Then grab a coffee and have a read as I plan to pack as much value into this post for you to get you started. And as always, any questions or comments, make a comment below or drop me a line.

Often in presentations and chats with small business owners, let’s call them the “Joe the Plumber” of the world ;-), we tend to get so involved in all the wonderful things Joe could do for his small business to bring in new business from the web, that we tend to forgot Joe is just getting their feet wet in the internet marketing pool. In these cases, we need to re-address our approach and language to put the wonderful internet marketing ideas into plain simple english, tailored to Joe the Plumbers specific needs.

Over a coffee with Joe we may go on about what search engine marketing could do drive new business to his website, or what an email marketing program could to do create and sustain dialogue with his customers throughout the year. We could get in-depth about how a Facebook business strategy could help get Joe engage and interact with his customers or how a media / pr tactics will gain him free publicity offline, as well as online while at the same time feeding his SEO strategy.

But in the end, Joe is a business owner in Vancouver BC, he knows his business best, and nothing or very little about marketing over the Internet. His needs are simple. He needs new business, needs to get the most mileage from his budget (which is the size of a jar of jam), needs a powerful impact on the web, and needs guidance and trust from someone who can understand his business and his needs. Read more

Over the last 2 years I’ve seen a significant increase of clients who are business owners or marketing managers turning to the web to gain attain online market share and an overall online presence in an attempt to remain competitive and tap into the vast opportunities the web has to offer their business.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a fundamental for those who strive execute a successfull online marketing strategy. And while many of these people are split between learning the trade themselves, soon realize the need to outsource the skillset for their business. It just makes sense with the time, resources and knowledge involved in a solid search marketing micro and macro strategy (organic and paid).

However, those business owners who are new to the game, tend to face five issues. While these are not conclusive, they do shed some of the more common problems I see with clients and marketing managers today. Read more

I am sure that it’s useful information for newcomers. I have no doubt that Read more

What’s the most important tactic or component of SEO? When embarking on a SEO strategy, many professional SEO consultants will have various answers. Some wil say link referral tests, other will say keyword analysis, and yet others may say content audits.

While SEO is a critical component of dressing up your website to attract the personal appeal of each engine – kinda of like the dating game, one of the first areas SEO strategist should define prior to advising clients on strategies are the fundamental building blocks of search engine optimization, and more broadly, the search marketing plan.  Read more