Digital transformation varies in meaning across different businesses, yet the universal truth remains: each entity accelerates its distinct digital metamorphosis.

Change, adapt or die… the quote goes. In this short 6-part series we’ll unpack a few key areas business leaders must address to embrace transformation and innovation to thrive in today’s every-evolving world.

In those kind words, it was still a good question someone asked upon me the other day. I’ll let the infographic describes it best (see below). Inbound and outbound marketing, their buzzy words the last few years yet everyone seems to have a slightly different response to it.

In my view, inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that a user or customer dominates or controls.  It  focuses on a specific and targeted group rather than the masses, yet its fair to say the masses can still be funneled through it (ex. websites and search).  Inbound marketing is essentially an online based marketing tool that has shown strong and effective results. Read more