Tip: Link Building in Post Panda World

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Pay more attention towards relevant content, traffic sources and conversions rather than emphasizing on Page rank. Old link building methods are just not that effective in this Post Panda world (what is Google’s Panda update) and you need to switch to these new link building strategies that will give your website a boost, or learn more why the Panda update caused websites to drop in rankings.

Guest Blogging: It’s a great way to obtain quality links and to extend your network. It benefits both the Guest and the Host as the Host receives quality fresh content and the Guest receives the backlink.

Link Baiting: In simple lines, it is the content that is outstanding and informative that it becomes appealing to bloggers and website owners, who set up links from their pages to the original material. It’s a good way of improving your site’s inbound links and therefore it’s value in the eyes of search engines.

Building Social Communities: As search engines put more emphasis on the popularity of the links shared through twitter and Facebook, social media becomes a necessary tool for link building.

Main goal is to get quality backlinks through social activities that are relevant to your business industry and by incorporating these suggestions into your link building strategy will bring more traffic and help you achieve success

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