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Link Building counts for the credibility, and contributes to reputation, of your website. The more credible and reputable, the higher search engine rankings you’ll receive, and aims to accomplish the goal of attaining search engine positioning within the ‘Golden Triangle’ (top 3-4 search results) that drive more than 80% of click thrus from Search. Here are some tips and trends that are likely to impact your Link Building efforts:

  • Start using mix-match technique for link popularity building and that makes your site reliable.
  • Focus more on how to secure the links that help you in long run.
  • Social media integration – (ex. YouTube, Google +1 and other social media where conversations and linkage is being published on your brand), and keyword in tweets including a link back to your website and this when indexed in Google helps in your link building efforts.
  • Forum participation
  • Industry authority sites and organizations (ex. better business bureau, and others)
  • Like your reputation, link reputation is built on quality, not quantity.

There are other link building techniques and tactics we employ in client projects and within our mentoring and coaching services. Inquire within to see which tactic direction would work best for your website.

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