Tips: SEO Mistakes 101

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An SEO 101 topic, many times inexperienced digital marketers or webmasters  makes simple SEO mistakes that shatters an SEO campaign. Below are a few reasons why an SEO Campaign isn’t effective or note working, and how to fix it:

  1. Mistake of aiming too high rather than aiming for a moderately competitive keyword.
  2. Wasting time and resources targeting keywords and phrases to rank on, that resources cannot support. Instead take inventory of the resources you have available, internally and externally (if you’re to outsource)  across these  key areas: keyword research, content development and implementation and ethical link building. In addition, with recent changes to Search, social media optimization to influence person results in Google via GooglePlus, and Bing via Facebook ‘Likes’ and social data, including Twitter.
  3. Keep keyword variations in mind when trying to rank for particular keywords. Don’t limit your targeting to one, two or even three terms – target groups, themes and even locales.
  4. Success in SEO campaigns come with time, consistency and resources.

When engaging in all the above points, evaluate your content strategy. How will it help generate organic link building, and ensure you’re targeting the right selection of terms – terms that you can realistically rank for AND convert on your goals.

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